CEO of the 2211 Wellbeing Institute

Tina Pustovrh Puc has been associated with well-being all her life. She has graduated at Faculty of Sports, University of Ljubljana, and became a professor of P.E. Her passion for knowledge about humans, their functioning, health, happiness and overall well-being has been characteristic of her since she was a young girl. In the last 30 years she completed many education programs, such as: TUI-NA therapy, i.e. the school of traditional Chinese medicine, obtained a license in the field of hand massage, sports massage and lymphatic drainage. She completed mindfulness training, called MBSR, studied body psychotherapy at Hakomi Malorca. Since 2009 she is teaching and training wellbeing experts and trainers in Slovenia and abroad.

From 2012 onwards, the deeper dimensions of the human existance sucked her in. She became even more focused on the spiritual spectrum of experiencing life and thus truly – experientially – began to understand the origin of wholistic health and life satisfaction. Today, she is a recognized transpersonal process coach, with her own method, called Recentering. Her top expertise is intuition awakening, which she has been researching in her PhD study and through her own life and professional experiences and coaching sessions with her clients. She is also a meditation teacher, and, of course, an excellent well-being expert.

She finds her meaning and all the answers in writing, art, nature, movement and a peaceful family life.

Tina has published three books. At this present time she is writing her forth book.

Her official site is here.



The team of the 2211 Wellbeing Institute consists of experts from various fields. We also include external experts in our researches, training and offer.

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